Conference Dates

White Horse Christian Center hosts eight conferences and gatherings each year.
We charge no registration fees for the conferences and serve complimentary lunches.

Every Spring we host a one-week intensive Word Conference. These sessions may be taken for credit through White Horse School of Ministries. There are fees associated with taking classes for credit.

All the conferences offer you times of refreshing, exhortation and apostolic instruction and insight and are open to all who desire to attend.

Even though there are no registration fees, we encourage you to pre-register for each conference so we can plan for your arrival.


2014-15 Conference Calendar

Women's Gathering Wed-Fri, Feb 4-6, 2015 More Information
Word Conference Sun-Sat, Mar 8-14, 2015 More Information
Youth Conference Th-Sat, July 10-12, 2014 More Information
Summer Gathering Wed-Fri, Aug 6-8, 2014 More Information
Young Adult Conference Fri-Sat, Sept 12-13, 2014 More Information
Latino Celebration Fri-Sat, Oct 17-18. 2014 More Information
Prophetic Gathering Wed-Fri, Nov 12-14, 2014 More Information
Men's Gathering Fri-Sat, Dec 5-6, 2014 More Information