Nahum - The Lord's Calling

Jesús - The Lord's Emotional
Healing Power

Georgia - Healed From Cancer & Tumors

Tien Li - Salvation & Finding God's Purpose

Saudia - Salvation & Benefits of the Lord

Lee - Freedom from Addiction

Williams - The Lord's Love and

Nathan - Coming Back to the Father

Catherine - The Lord's Healing Power

Rita - Never give up hope for the Prodigal

Amanda - Financial Breakthrough

Chad - God's Loving Grace and Faithfulness

Levi - Financial Blessings

Stephanie - The Lord's Faithfulness

Carol - God's Supernatural Healing from a Tumor

Stephan - The Lord's Unending Blessings

Toby - No Longer Living On the Fence

Rachel - Through God, all things are possible

Lacy & Andrew - Rich Season in God

Hannah - The Lord's Unconditional Love and Restoration

Lonnie - The Lord's Financial Blessings

Heidi - The Lord's Faithfulness in Finances

Monica - The Redeeming Power of God's Unconditional Love

Jesse - Healing and Financial Blessings

Mackenzie - The Lord's Healing and Love

Sam - Deliverance of Eating Disorder

PienPien - The Lord's Restoration and Blessings

Bret - The Lord's Financial Blessings & Provisions

Christian - Financial Blessings

David - God's Faithfulness in Tithing & Offerings

Ashley - Healing Testimony

Jim - Receiving Salvation

Jim - Freedom From Drugs & Receives Salvation

Women's Gathering - Agape Love

February 6 - 8, 2013 

Monica - The Redeeming Power of Agape Love