We are presenting an offering and pledge opportunity we call “Building A Next Generation Offering.”

The bible is clear that we are to tithe into our local churches and the tithe has special benefits associated with it. We are to give gifts and offerings that produce a harvest in our lives. Your giving, and that of thousands of believers from all states and many nations, have paid for this church property in fruitful giving.

We have provided conferences under the direction of the Holy Spirit for 22 years, at no charge, providing free meals, and have helped house and bless many people. And we will continue to do so, praise the Lord! We are asking you to help us, to join us in your giving so we can Maintain, Sustain, and Continue with all of us working together to provide ongoing ministry.

We believe the Lord led us to present this giving opportunity. Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit if you are to give financially, and how much. Consider joining us in making a pledge. In so doing you are making a realistic commitment to step out in faith as God provides and faithfully fulfill your pledge.

This seed will bring great harvest in many areas:

  • The WHCC facility
  • Dayspring Daycare & Preschool Ministry at Morehouse Rd., with additional 8 acres down the road for future growth
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the above
  • Future development
  • Technology, continually upgrading and improving. (In ten years, we have invested approximately 1.8 million to provide FREE information on the website.)
  • And MORE!

WHCC is a multi-ethnic family of believers impacting the community, the body of Christ, as we train and provide for the upcoming generations.  Thank you for helping us maintain, sustain and continue being a source of ministry, healing, and refreshing.