Lasting Legacy: An Online Study Group for Parents

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About the Group Leader:

Led by Jane Johns, Ph.D.

Led by Jane Johns, Ph.D.

Jane Johns loves children – and their parents! She has been married for 40 years to Jeff Johns, Sr. Pastor of White Horse Christian Center in West Lafayette, Indiana. They are the parents of six grown children, grandparents to eleven, and spiritual parents to hundreds. Jane has been ministering to children since she was a teenager. She has served as the Director of Children’s Ministry for over 30 years. She is a tireless learner, having earned her Ph.D. in Christian Education Ministries through and continuing her education at White Horse School of Ministries. Jane’s heart and mission is to see that children are trained up in the ways of the Lord because they are the next generation of leaders in the move of the Holy Spirit. Jane has learned to trust Him to lead and direct her through all the seasons of her life – from raising little ones to caring for aging parents. She has a powerful, real-life testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness.

About the Group Study:
The study group is designed to meet the needs of busy parents, both young and old, single and married. Participants will be emailed on a weekly basis as a large group. They will then have the opportunity to respond on a one-to-one basis. Jane will assign a portion of the current book being used in the study. Every Monday, she will give her thoughts regarding the portion of the book assigned, to which participants may respond directly to Jane. The study may be done at whatever pace works best for each participant. The goal of the study is to make valuable parenting nuggets available from the materials as well as from Jane’s rich store of experience and wisdom.

About the Current Study:

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, by Dr. Kevin Leman. Published by Revell, 2005.
Available from in hardcover, paperback, and ebook AND through the WHCC Bookstore

Yes, you can raise responsible, happy children - without raising your blood pressure! Let psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Kevin Leman show you how - and why - his reality discipline works. In his humorous, practical, and direct style, this father of five show just how easy it is to:

  • foil finicky eaters, turn off temper tantrums, and minimize sibling rivalries
  • get your children to be responsible successful
  • get kids to do what you want them to do
  • know when to take the little buzzards by the beak
  • understand why children misbehave and what to do about it
  • set suitable allowances, curfews, and privileges
  • use authority and decisiveness to show your kids you care
  • give yourself freedom and put yourself back in the driver's seat

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