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Q&A Webinar attendance form opens at 12:30 PM. Webinar streaming starts at 1 PM.

What is Q&A Webinar?

The heart and purpose of the webinar is to facilitate a way to ask questions and have interaction for building and encouraging the body of Christ. Sharing our testimonies of how God has moved in our lives or ministry and maintaining communication with those we are in relationship with are an important part of strengthening our relationships. Through the webinar Pastor Jeff teaches Word based principles and shares what the Lord has taught him and this ministry over the years. We look forward to connecting and hearing from you during these monthly webinars.

How to ask questions?

You can email your questions ahead of time and during the LIVE webinar to All questions are private and for Pastor Jeff Johns eyes only.

Reminder: When emailing a question, please include your name, name of church or ministry (when applicable), and your city and state. This will help Pastor Jeff as he addresses each question.

How to access the webinar?

An access link will be emailed to you on the day of the webinar. Once you receive the email with the link, you simply complete a quick and simple attendance form and then you are automatically forwarded to the Webinar.


Past Q&A Webinar

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