It has come to our attention that someone set up a fake Facebook page impersonating Pastor Jeff Johns. This person copied photos and videos from the legitimate page and posted them on the a fake personal page. The name on the account was JEFF JOHNS. Friend requests and personal messages were sent to some of our church members, as well as to extended church family. Some of these messages contained requests for money.

We were quick to report the page as fake and it has now been blocked by Facebook. This is, however, the second time a fake page has been set up in my name with requests sent for money. 

There is only ONE Facebook account in my name, and it is what Facebook calls a “fan page” with the account name PASTOR JEFF JOHNS. We use this page to post video snippets, announcements of upcoming events, encouragement taken from my sermons, and some photos. It is essentially a newsfeed page, and useful for helping our extended church family keep in touch with the ministry here at White Horse.

This is the ONLY Facebook page and Pastor Jeff does not manage it personally. If you receive a friend request or personal message from "Jeff Johns" or any name than "Pastor Jeff Johns" (no dashes, etc.) via Facebook, PLEASE do not accept or friend request. 

Pastor Jeff will NEVER send friend requests to you NOR will he send you a personal message via Facebook. Pastor Jeff will NEVER request you to send funds or ask for offerings of any type via Facebook or any other form of social media. When Pastor Jeff needs to get in touch with you, he will have his administrative assistant call you, or Pastor Jeff will text or call you personally. If you need to get in touch with Pastor Jeff Johns, please call the WHCC office or contact his administrative assistant. 

We also have a church Facebook page with the name “White Horse Christian Center.” Though we may occasionally respond to a message or request sent to us via this account, we will NEVER request money from you, or send “Friend” requests. 

If you receive something from a Facebook account that seems fishy, it probably is. Though Facebook is a useful tool, please be wise in its use.

Thank you!