Revival Fire
August 9-11, 2017


Revival always begins in the heart of God. It is supernatural — God manifesting His presence in overwhelming reality, giving us a profound realization of His greatness, and an acute sense of our own sin and our complete and utter dependence upon Him!

Revival brings us to a place where sovereign visitation releases divine light and power. You experience a profound impact of emotion and a changed life with remarkable results and fruit. Revival has come! Tune your hearts to His, and turn your eyes to behold Him. God is calling you by name. 

Will You not revive us again; That your people may rejoice in You?
- Psalm 85:6

We hope you will join us in August in the Lord’s revival glory!

Please register so we may plan for your arrival. Registration and meals are always free. We look forward to worshiping with you!


Wednesday, August 9
10 am    Session for five-fold Ministers
12 pm    Complimentary Lunch
  2 pm    Session for five-fold Ministers
  6 pm    Main Registration Opens
  7 pm    Main Session

Thursday & Friday, August 10-11
  9 am     Q & A Breakfast with Pastor Jeff
10 am    Main Session
12 pm    Complimentary Lunch
  2 pm    Main Session - PLUS Breakout: 
               Financial Accountability for Churches and Ministers, with Dr. Bernita Conway
  7 pm    Main Session

General Information

Meal Information
A full lunch will be served every day of the gathering, and a complimentary light breakfast on Thursday and Friday. We ask that you keep all food, snacks, and beverages in the "Fellowship Hall" and "East 3rd". Please only bring bottled water into the building to drink and do not chew gum on church property. This all helps to keep the facilities clean. Thank you.