The White Horse Congregation is multi-generational, and the leadership endeavors to integrate every age into the body at large. A large percentage of our congregation is in the 18-30ish age range. They participate in every area of ministry - from worship teams to children's ministry.

Our Young Adult ministry is multi-faceted. As many changes occur in the lives of young adults, there is a lot of territory to cover! Our focus for young adults includes:

  • Transitioning our High School Seniors into college and/or career opportunities.
  • Providing opportunities for them to explore and discover their passion and purpose.
  • Helping Young Adult Singles develop healthy relationships and live in purity as they await a mate.
  • Providing resources for young couples as they marry and start a family.
  • Developing leadership skills for use in the church and in the workplace.
  • Monthly Young Adult Marrieds Classes for strengthening the marriage relationship.
  • Providing opportunities for practical, hands-on ministry.