Pastor Jayna Mullen Theater director & Minister of Music

Pastor Jayna Mullen
Theater director &
Minister of Music

Pastor Erick Morales Worship ministry director

Pastor Erick Morales
Worship ministry director

The ministry of Praise and Worship is a vital one at White Horse Christian Center. Psalm 150 is our hitching post of praise: "Let everything that has breath, PRAISE THE LORD!" It's loud, it's jubilant, it's full of life -- and it's for EVERYONE, of every age! It is much more than just music -- it's the fullness of creative expression through all the brilliant gifts the Lord has given the body of Christ!

Pastor Jayna Mullen and Pastor Erick Morales work closely together with our Senior Pastor Jeff Johns to oversee the worship team and the various creative arts ministries at White Horse Christian Center.

We offer opportunities for all ages to
participate in the ministry of worship!

THE WORSHIP TEAM is what we call our main, Sunday/Wednesday worship team. However, our team is a blend of our congregation, as many of our kids and youth serve on our worship team. We are composed of musicians of many different skill levels. Once in a while we have the opportunity to lead worship for our Sunday evening services in Spanish & English. We have Sunday afternoon worship preps (rehearsals) a couple times per month.

Candice Beaver

Candice Beaver

THE MINISTRY OF DANCE, led by Candice Beaver, takes many forms at White Horse. We often engage the youth, the young adults, and the young-at-heart for special dance/drama presentations, especially for the Youth Conference and Christmas Program. Candice also works with the Kid's Praise Team to teach them simple movements for their songs. As our camera and lights ministries evolve, we are looking forward to even more enhanced presentations and productions! Lights, cameras, ACTION!


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