8:30am Worship Service
The teaching in this service will change and impact your life. There are classes offered after worship for Pre-K - 5 grade and Youth along with the Pastor's session in the sanctuary. Nursery is provided after worship.

10:00am Worship Service
Join us for powerful worship, prophetic ministry, life changing lessons from the Word of God, and ministry to the sick and all who desire a touch from God. Nursery, Toddler and Pre-K classes provided after worship.

6:00pm Worship Service
This evening service is geared for those who speak Spanish and/or English. Everything during the service is translated into English. The evening service is an amazing experience in worshiping and hearing the Word of God spoken through many languages. It's a time for everyone from all nations to come and praise the Lord! Following worship, nursery and classes for Pre-K - 5th grade are provided.


7:00pm Intercessory Prayer Meeting


7:00pm Mid-Week Service & Classes
After Praise & Worship, classes are offered for all ages: Nursery and Preschool; Pre-K - 5th gradeYouth.

Worship during the mid-week service is lead either by the Kid's Praise Team, or Adult Worship Teams.

There is an exciting curriculum for K-5th grade classes! Our goal is to help develop kids that are being transformed by Grace, Growth, Group, Gifts, and Good stewardship. Come and check it out!


We have a diverse congregation with a range of dress styles from jeans to suits. Please dress modestly in whatever style pleases you.